We would like to give a big THANK YOU to our wonderful sponsors.  In addition to the “Strides for Stroke” event, our generous sponsors have allowed us to participate host the “Saving Strokes”, “Strike Out Stroke”, and “Movie and a Meal” events which help us provide community engagement opportunities for our stroke survivors and caregivers. We have also been able to attend numerous community health fairs and events to educate the general public on the signs and symptoms of stroke. The following experience describes the success of these events:

“ I had the opportunity to run in the “Strides for Strokes” run last summer which was sponsored by the Utah Valley Stroke Research Team. Their reason for sponsoring the race was to raise awareness and educate the public about strokes. I went and ran the race because our family wanted to support a family member and we thought it would be fun to do as a family. When we arrived, we were each given a t-shirt that had the words “BE FAST” on it, which stood for all of the signs of a stroke. We ran the race, and listened to the “speech” given about stroke awareness and I learned a few things I had never heard before. Several weeks later, I was visiting with a friend, who received a phone call from her Sister saying that she thought their Dad was having a stroke and was wondering what to do. I immediately went back to the “BE FAST” that I had been made aware of and told her that I had just learned about how important TIME was for the outcome of a stroke patient, and that she needed to call an ambulance and get Him in the hands of professionals as soon as possible. He is recovering and doing well today, thanks to those crucial minutes we had learned about.   I would not have known how to help had I not attended the run. I am grateful for activities that provide opportunities to educate and serve the community. This is a great way to educate the public by combining recreation with important community education.”


How can I tell if I am having a stroke?                                                                                                 

Signs and symptoms of stroke always come on suddenly. A recent patients told me she was working on her computer doing genealogy when all of a sudden she noticed that she could no longer use the mouse with her right hand. She thought that she had possibly been working on the computer too long. She decided to take a break and went into the living room to talk with her husband. When she spoke to him she was making no sense and her husband noticed that left side of her mouth was not moving. The husband knew that problems talking and a droopy mouth could be signs of a stroke and he immediately called 911. Fortunately this patient made it to the hospital quickly and with the expertise of a multidisciplinary stroke team made a full recovery. This is not always the case. The best way to help yourself or your loved ones to have a positive outcome if you experience a stroke is to know the signs and act in time.

BE FAST is a simple way to remember the signs and symptoms of stroke.

If you or a loved one experiences any of these symptoms please call 911 immediately.  Stroke is a medical emergency and must be diagnosed and treated right away.

If you would like a refrigerator magnet like the one shown above please contact Jeanie Hammer at  Please include your mailing address or a contact number.







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